ACPA described the competency of ethics as “understanding and applying ethical standards to one’s work.” (2007, p.8).  As a conduct officer, ethics plays an important role in how I conduct myself as a highly-visible professional as well as in my conversations with staff, peers and students.  I regularly challenge students to demonstrate how their actions align with the ethical standards expected of them by themselves, their families and the institution.  I recognize the importance of being in touch with my own ethical principles and identifying with how they align with those professed by the national student affairs associations.  For this reason, I have included ACPA’s Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards (2006).  I also make a concerted effort to incorporate Kitchener’s (1985) ethical principles into my everyday practice.  Doing no harm is a principal that I apply often to my interactions with students.  I always maintain that I cannot do any harm to students by creating a positive relationship with them, despite whether or not they are receptive to my advice.  I always make an effort to boost a student’s self-esteem in my interactions with them, and believe that in trying and failing to achieve this, we lose nothing.

While at YSJSU, I served on the institution’s ethics committee, which met twice a year and as needed.  The committee existed to give consideration to any ethical matters brought to its attention by the university, to determine appropriate courses of action for individuals involved in ethical dilemmas or misdemeanors brought to the attention of the committee, and also to write and maintain the ethical policies implemented throughout the institution.  My experience in setting and upholding institutional ethics policies was an invaluable experience that shaped my approach to ethical practice at a very early stage in my career.  For this reason I have included the terms of reference for the York St John ethics committee as an artifact and consider myself to be at an intermediate level of this professional competency.