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Written by Dave - May 29, 2023

Midjourney Creations

The emergence of photo-realistic AI imagine generation has provided us with an affordable, accessible, and efficient way to create striking digital art. Combined with the power of photoshop and our post-production skills, we’re able to create beautiful, engaging pieces that will be well placed hanging above your mantle, on the cover of a magazine, or […]

Two robots making a pizza

Written by Dave - Jan 10, 2023

Is AI really going to replace graphic designers?

Imagine you open a pizza app on your phone to order delivery, and find that there’s no longer a menu. Just a text box that says “What would you like today?” You type in “a large, pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese. Garlic crust. Side order of cheesy breadsticks with marinara sauce.” The app […]